A zeitgeist-capturing evocation of hope
— ★★★★ Neil Cooper, The Herald

We all come from the sea and back to the sea we will go.


Telling the stories of human kindness behind the headlines, Lampedusa was a sell-out during its premiere run at Soho Theatre in London in 2015.

The Italian island of Lampedusa lies in the Mediterranean between Sicily, Tunisa and Libya. Once, fisherman Stefano made a living here.

Now, he uses his fishing boat to collect the bodies of drowned migrants from the sea. In the UK, Chinese-British student Denise is forced to go door to door for a payday loan company to finance her degree, meeting grinding poverty and racist prejudices as well as small acts of charity.

★★★★ Daily Record

Impassioned political theatre and a beacon of optimism
— ★★★★ The List

★★★★★ Reviews Hub

Jack Nurse’s production delivers an evening worth remembering
— ★★★★ Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

★★★★ The Wee Review

Nurse’s well-judged production is enhanced by a soundtrack of increasingly insistent solo guitar
— ★★★★ The Times

Jack Nurse is supported by the Dewar Arts Award and Creative Scotland in order to direct this production of Lampedusa

citizens theatre - 8 - 18 november

Writer  Anders Lustgarten

dewar arts text logo.jpg

Performers Andy Clark & Louise Mai Newberry

Designer Alisa Kalyanova 

Lighting Designer Benny Goodman

Composer Stuart Ramage

Assistant Director Tess Monro


Producer Steph Connell

Casting Director Laura Donnelly