Two strangers' eyes meet on the Glasgow Subway. They look away. They look back. One of them smiles.

'O' is an audio play about two young people's loneliness, attraction and struggle to identify their place in the world. Created site-specifically for the Glasgow Subway, the performance was originally conceived in May 2016 with the support of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Starring David Kirkwood and Jessica Thigpen

Producer Lewis Brown

Composers Bella and the Bear

With thanks to Anita Vitesse, Robbie Gordon, Steven Anderson and Rachel O'Neill.

To download the audio play, please use the button on the righthand side of the Soundcloud box below and follow these instructions:

  • Download the audio file from a computer and transfer to your MP3 player or smartphone,
  • Take your MP3 player or smartphone and a pair of headphones to your nearest Glasgow Subway station,
  • Buy a ticket and head down to the platform - it can be either the Inner or Outer loop,
  • Wait until a train is two minutes away and then begin to play the audio file,
  • Enter the train when it arrives, take a seat or standing position and enjoy the play - adjusting the volume when you need to,
  • Once the performance has finished, travel back to whichever Subway station you would like to leave from.

I hope you enjoy the play.