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By Rob Drummond; Directed by Andrew Panton.

Jings! Crivens! Help ma boab! It’s all change with The Broons!

Maggie is really, finally, getting married. Again.

In this brand new Broons adventure, as the family work together to give her the wedding of her dreams, they all start thinking about their own plans for the future. Joe thinks he should move to London. Horace wants to explore outer space and Daphne and Hen try their hand at internet dating. But with Maw determined to do anything to keep her brood together in Glebe Street, will Maggie even make it to the Kirk this time?

This world first theatrical staging draws inspiration from the famous comic strip to bring you this brand new lively and fast paced tale.

Award-winning Scottish playwright Rob Drummond brings the iconic characters Granpaw, Paw and Maw Broon, Hen and Joe, Daphne, Maggie, Horace, the Twins and the Bairn to life for a Scottish audience in a world first production filled with laughs, love and comic-strip visuals, all set to a Scottish soundtrack.

The Glebe Street gang have featured in DC Thomson comic strips in the Sunday Post since 1936 and this production celebrates them in their 80th anniversary year.





Perth Concert Hall          27th September 2016 - 1st October 2016

Inverness Eden Court     3rd October 2016 - 5th October 2016                   

Adam Smith Theatre      6th October 2016 - 8th October 2016                      

Stirling MacRobert         13th October 2016 - 15th October 2016           

Aberdeen HMT               18th October 2016 - 22nd October 2016             

Ayr Gaiety                         24th October 2016 - 26th October 2016            

Dundee Gardyne               27th October 2016 - 29th October 2016           

Edinburgh Kings               1st November 2016 - 5th November 2016             

Glasgow Theatre Royal   7th November 2016 - 12th November 2016          


Director Andrew Panton

Playwright Rob Drummond

Designer Becky Minto

Lighting Designer Grant Anderson

Musical Director Claire McKenzie

Sound Designer Paul Smith

Movement Director EJ Boyle